Lil' Mib (message in a box)

$ 66.00

Listen to love with Lil’ MIB, the handheld voice recorder gadget designed for you and yours to pass sweet nothings back and forth in the most imaginary way possible! Simply record your message into this adorable box, turn the knob to pitch it way down or way high, raise the mailbox-style flag and wait for your loved one to discover what you have to say to them! Don’t worry over lost pens or expensive post-it notes and get the Message in a Box that will surely make your partner or child smile every day!



  • 3.5+ year-old whose first words were "I love you"
  • design-savvy friend who's a romantic at heart
  • teen who just got grounded for too much Snapchatting
  • weddings, anniversaries, birthdays or Valentine's


1. Hold red record button; say something sweet into microphone nose.

2. Press black button to play back or stop what you recorded.

3. Turn pitch knob left and right (but don't turn past resistance).

4. Once you've got the message just right, raise the red flag on the back and set in a place where you know your special someone will be sure to see it.



  • Dimensions: 3” x 3.5” x 2”
  • 2-AAA batteries included
  • 30-second record sample
  • Handmade with sustainable wood

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