Chicken Nose

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WHAT IS IT Handheld lo-fi recording device with pitch control knob.

Made in Brooklyn, NY.


THE STORY Chicken Nose is where it all began. When I was in Mississippi a few years back visiting my family, I saw my nephew, David, playing in a sea of toys that had beeps, buzzes and pre-programmed voices. In that moment, I decided I was               going to make him a gift--something fun that he could record his own voice onto. Little did I know that moment would set me on a path of quitting my day job and becoming a full-time maker in my very own woohd shop.  



  • kids who love making animal sounds
  • modern retro design friend
  • teen who hasn't cracked a smile in weeks
  • sound studio throwback vibe


1. Hold the Red record button and talk into the microphone nose
2. Press the Black playback/stop button to hear your recording
3. Turn pitch knob left and right (but don't turn past resistance)
4. Giggle and then giggle some more


  • Dimensions: 3” x 3.5” x 2”

  • 2-AAA batteries included

  • 30-second record time

  • Handmade with sustainable wood
  • The true original